Welcome to my repository of growing cannabis plants at home. Learn how to grow your own plants, yield increasing methods, bonsai grow tech, harvest methods, curing and storing aswell as guides and tutorials such as building your own cheap high quality grow LED lights. I will also dive into local cannabis communites all around the world to show you the ever changing view on the cannabis community right now.

Picture of critical
Critical from Royal Queen Seeds – Harvested 04.2018 – High yield hybrid, feminized

The internet is full of information and broscience about growing weed and I will try to show you the pros way of growing. There is no “best way” to do it, but a “way that works best” for me.

Oftentimes i get asked about how I as a person do things in growing weed. This is my resource.

Macroshot of trichomes on a Lemon Zkittle Bud

Lets explore the myths of cannabis and growing.

Thanks for joining my community of growers.

Why should you start growing weed?

Reasons to consume Cannabis are numerous! I don’t care if you are a medicinal or recreational user. You are most likely here because you are interested in the cannabisculture in some way.

Cannabis is an illegal substance in most parts of the world. In the recent decade more and more countries and regions allowed the use, ownership or even the growing of the substance on a personal or even a commercial level.

If you are a consumer from a country you usually dont know…

  • … the strain. You either buy the “weed” or you don’t. Get what you are given or get lost.
  • … the contents. Illegal dealers are part of an underground industry, that wants to get most of the crappy stuff they sell. You don’t know THC or CBD levels. Weed is also oftentimes stretched, which is potentially life threatening or at least harmful.
  • … about the process of growing. Do you know your weed smells and tastes different if its flushed properly after it got sprayed with of fed nasty chemicals? Are you always sure you get properly flushed flowers? You just cant. If you control that process, theres no way of not knowing.
  • … about the process of drying curing and shaking. Yes, your street junk went most likely through some kind of shaker to get a share of trichomes which the grower could make hash or extract from. Clever dealers sell the same plant twice to stupid customers: lowgrade flowers  with poor psychoactive contents from bad genetics and the hash or other extracts that got produced out of it.

Is growing weed difficult?

In short: no. Its a plant after all so plant a seed and wait. Water it and in the end you will have some kind of flower. The start is easy, to optimize the process in a way that satisfy your needs can be difficult and takes time. New growers or outsiders see growing cannabis as some kind of religious act and think the cannabis plant is something special. In some way thats true. In regards of growing, its not. Start growing, keep improving and after a few runs you will be a homegrow pro yourself!