On this page you find the more or less concrete questions I get asked the most.

General Info

Q: I want to start growing and need every information from scratch, where to I start?

A: You can start with my beginners guide which is currently under construction but has a lot of informations alread included. If you need my direct help you can become one of my patrons and get detailed answers directly to your inbox.

Q: Where can I buy seeds?

A: There are a ton of seedbanks out there delivering seeds directly to your home. This is dependent on the country you live in. Unfortunaly, i cannot send you seeds. You can also visit seedfinder.eu if you are looking for seeds.

Q: What are good strains to grow?

A: The answer to this questions is very subjective. What do you like? Are you a newcomer or a experienced grower? Do you know about the difference in effect and taste? I suggest you visit leafly or seedfinder to check out strains that fit your needs.

Q: What strains are easy to grow as a beginner?

A: Check out growdiaries.com and read the reports. You can also read reports on my website. I would suggest you start with an indica dominant strain with high yields, mold resistance and short flowering times. This way you can learn about the patience it needs to grow a plant from start to finish, without bothering too much.

Questions about growing

Q: How often do you water your plants?

A: Depends on the plants size. In the first two weeks after germination I am using a sprayer to wet the soil around the plant without putting moist directly onto the plant. The roots will have a hard time giving support at that young age. Once the stem has established some strength I like to flood the whole pot and wait several days, up to week until I water again. This way I prevent overwatering and a good oxygenation of the root area.

Q: What nutrition do you use?

A: I have good experience with BioBizz and the Greenhouse Feeding Bio. I am all about organic nutrients.

Q: What is your nutrient schedule?

A: I use the given feeding scheme from the distributor. Start maybe a little lower and increase the amount if its a weekly schedule. Tip: Ask your plant what she needs.

Q: What pots do you use?

A: I had good results with every kind of pot. Smart pots and superroot airpots seem a bit superior though. They are able to air prune the roots in a natural way and prevent rootbounds or root rot.

Q: What is a good grow light?

A: This is part of a heated discussion. You can read about the theory of growlights here and how to build my grow light. If you want an opinion on a generic low budget grow light from amazon you can take a look here.

Q: How do I germinate seeds?

A: Read about how I do it here. tl;dr : I am using the wet paper towel method.

Q: How much light do I need for my grow area?

A: To achieve results comparable to mine you should go for at least 35W/ft² or 350W/m² if you use high quality lights from Quantum Boards, stripes or COB grow lights. If you are using HPS or LED lights with cheap chips (amazon lights) then go for 50W/ft² r 500W/m². Read here, why amazon LEDs will oftentimes not hold up to their promises.

Q: How do I maximize the final outcome of my harvest?

A: This is achieved by optimizing every aspect of your grow. First you decide to grow high yielding strains like Power Plant, Big Bud or Critical. You should read grow reports before you start and plan your grow accordingly. You should also use a proper grow light. Your desk light will not do the trick. Read more about good grow lights here. Try some plant training techniques and stick to your plan!

Q: How much weed does a plant produce?

A: This depends on the growing conditions and the strain. The roots will pretty much fill up any given space. This and the light factor will be the deciding factors for a plants size in the end. An outdoor grow can easily exceed 4 kg from a single run in dry weight. Indica dominant strains usually create a bigger yield.

Q: How much money does a run cost?

A: I already made a post adressing this. Read about it here.

Q: How much time do you spend growing?

A: A plant does not need much attention. Looking at them twice a day, checking for pests and watering them sometimes takes about 30 minutes a week. Occasional defoliation session can take up to an hour if the plants are plenty or big. Harvesting or trimming can kill an entire afternoons or weekends, depending on the size of your operation.

Q: What is the best advice you can give about growing cannabis?

A: Have patience. A run takes about 100 days from start to finish when using feminized cannabis seeds. Don’t try anything without a reason when it comes to experiments and grow techs. It is not rocket science 🙂