Beginners Guide

From seed to weed – Build your own grow room and grow cannabis to your needs!

On this page you will find a step by step instruction on how you can get the maximum out of a limited grow space. Start growing today!

What kind of setup do you need?

The design of your grow room is a crucial part of your journey. What are your goals and needs? Find out what kind of consumer you are and build a room to your needs.

Question : How much weed do you need?

What you should aim for after you defined your habit is shown by two easy examples:

The Pros Way –  Use of feminized seeds, no veg-room (single tent grow)

A Grow from start to finish takes about 3-4 months (12 – 16 Weeks), so you need to harvest between 10 gr and 320 gr in that time frame, dependent on your habit! The Pro harvests about 10oz every 3.5 months which is more than enough for his needs. He still has plenty of it to create awesome edibles or extracts. His setup is about 3×4 (100 cm x 80 cm) in size. He uses his own growlight (310W of high quality LEDs) and grows in specialized cannabis soil with the use of organic nutrients.

Use of autoflowering seeds or the use of a veg-room (multiple tent grow)

If you have a tent only for the purpose of flowering you can harvest a lot more often. If timed right you can even grow perpetual and get fresh weed every week or even faster. In a 2×4 (60 cm x 120 cm) grow space with three plants grown perpetual you can harvest about every 4 weeks. A decent gardener can expect 30-70gr every four weeks – enough for an avid smoker. Different setups are shown in the builds section.

Amnesia Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds
Amnesia Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds

About genetics – Seed or Clone ?! lists over 13000 cannabis varieties. Other sources states its double that number. With the rising number of seedbanks, distributors and the internet you can access every possible strain you always wanted to try out in numrous variants. Seedfinder has 25 different OG Kush’s listed. Its sometimes overwhelming to get a hold of this. New growers often try to find “the right” strain.

Tip from the Pro: Buy from the big players. They have experience and stable genetics. Some old school growers will show open discern regarding seed grow and will tell you about the advantages of having legendary mother plants at home. But this is a beginners guide and we want to learn to grow cannabis the right way! Read more about genetics here.

If you can buy clones or get them from a friend who already hunted succesfully for a nice phenotype, than you are in luck! To grow cannabis from clone saves you about two weeks of time and you can be sure to have an awesome genetic. Growing from seed can sometimes be a game of luck if you get a bad one. This is less likely if you read carefully in grow diaries and reports at the distributors website.

Choose wisely!

The 4 stages – From seed to weed

You can part the grow of a cannabis plant into four stages:

  1. Seedling stage
    You skip this stage by starting from clone. In this stage your plant in the most vulnerable condition after you germinated it successfull. Its small, can be tilted by your breath and the roots are too small to manage a moist environment.
    Read more about the germination (activation) of seeds and how to keep your baby alive for the first weeks. (coming soon)

    Young seedling emerging from the grow medium
    Young seedling emerging from the grow medium
  2. Vegetative stage
    The transition from seedling to vegetative growth is fluid. In the vegetative stage the plant will setup her branch structure and is open for various training methods. The Pros Way includes various trainings in the course of the grow, and encourage you to try them, once you have established some experience with the plant. Read more about the vegetative stage and in depth guide of plant trainings techniques.

    Cannabis plant in vegetative state
    Cannabis plant in vegetative state
  3. Flowering stage
    Once you formed your plant to your needs and a decent potential you can initiate the flowering process. Mind, that autoflowers don’t really care about your needs and will just flower when ever they want. (2-4 weeks into their lifecycle). Cannabis in flowering will completely blow your mind the first time you see it. It explodes in growth (stretch) and will build up the flowers. The plant also needs different kinds of nutrients and most likely shows this need in some way. Flowering stage means also to chill the fuck out for growers: Training is mostly done. You just feed and watch. And you test out your patience limits.

    Lemon Zkittle flowering
    Lemon Zkittle flowering
  4. Drying & Curing
    When the flowering stage is over you are ready to harvest. Harvesting is an artform which you can only learn by doing. Curing is another chapter. Your weed will smell heavenly in the tent and most newbies will have a hard time conserving this taste. The Pro will try to teach you his method. Like with most methods in growing: There is no best way, just figure out what works for you will get you somewhere. Don’t ever stop improving!

    Lemon Skunk
    Lemon Skunk, cured and ready to enjoy