Recommended by the Pro

On this page you will find a ton of amazon links to the products I can safely more or less recommend due to experience with the equipment other growers use.

Want to grow this in your closet? Choose the right items!

Lights for the Pro – High Quality Grow Lights

Link:Professional Lights

Grow lights that are somewhat feasable of a serious and succesful grow are rare on amazon. These are the one I can safely recommend. Read more about grow lights, and how to distinguish the good from the bad.

Pic of a quantum board
The Quantum Board by HLG is a great option to grow on a small scale. I puts out 135 W of excellent light in both spectral and effecieny properties.

Entry Level Lights – Low Budget Grow Lights

Link: Low Budget Lights

The market is flooded with these lights. Dont even try to compare them. They are pretty much all the same. Buy them to safe money for something bigger. Here is an article on what I think of these.

Niello lowball LED light
Niello likes to lie about its real power output in the name and descriptions.


Link: Nutrition

Bottled Nutrition is a somewhat discussed topic in the grow scene. But whats not controversal about a topic that has been next to no scientific studies with? (Or at least not enough of it..)

BioBizz starter Pack
BioBizz is a nutrition I am totally behind. Good juices.


Link: Harvest Equipment

Harvesting Cannabis is a sticky and messy job. Use gloves and fine scissors to get the best out of your buds.

Scissors for harvesting herbals


Link: Pots

I really like the pots that can “breathe” and are automatically pruning the roots of the plant. No rootbounds, no standing water, since these pots dry the soil out faster. That means more oxygen in the rootarea and a better growth.

Smart Pots
Fabric pots. Smart choice!

Timelapse Equipment

Link: Timelapse Equipment

Go for it! Do an epic timelapse of your grow and show off!

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 3 Unit.