Setup for the regular smoker – the 2×2 tent

2x2 grow tent

This setup is for you if…

  • … you consume 2 to 10 gr a week.
  • … you want to get a sneak peek into the hobby on a budget.
  • … if you dont have much space to grow.

Item list

TypeItemQty.price / $link
grow tent2×2 grow tent150amazon
light135 W QB by HLG1190amazon
potsSuperroot Airpots451.5amazon
soil50 l Light mix116.35amazon
nutritionFox Farm trio soil145amazon
ventilationClip fan114amazon
filtersystemActive Carbon Filter126amazon
climate controlInline Duct fan120amazon
on/off switchProgrammable Timer112amazon

How to save money

This build should be an entry level one. It is possible to save money on different items here. 

Save money: Different light

The light listed above is (in my opinion) the best possible solution for that grow space. (Read more about light)
You can take ANY BLUE/PURPLE LIGHT YOU FIND ON AMAZON thats listed for “300 W” and replace it. It will only cost 1/3 of the quantum board, but will yield up to 40% less! The investment is an important one, but its totally fine to start with less.

You can also use an HPS light like this, but I would not recommend it in regards of effiency and spectrum. 

Save money: other distributors, trypacks and more

You can easily find a tent for less than that. Did you check craigslist or ebay? People often want to get rid of their systems! Tents also are not worth to spend alot on, since they are all pretty much alike.

Try to find a try pack of nutrition. If it is marketed as cannabis nutrition, it is pretty much okay. Just inform yourself about organic and mineral based nutrition and whats better for you. Organic grown products tend to have a better quality but smaller yield, mineral based nutrients need to be flushed out proplery but yield more. (in general..)
Try packs often cost less than $20 and will be more than enough for your operation.

The airpots im recommending have the best oxygenation properties and are able to air-prune roots to prevent rootrot or rootbounds. The pots are expensive. You can also use $2 plastic pots. Just drain your water properly and you are fine.

If you find other types of soil marketed at cannabis growers and cheaper than my option, just google the brand and read what other growers did with it. I suggest for honest reviews.

If you buy a $70 light, find $20 try packs of nutes, use a different soil for $15 and the cheapest pots ($2) you can start with about $230.

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6 thoughts on “Setup for the regular smoker – the 2×2 tent”

  1. In the item list, you have a 3×3 tent but the link is to a 2×2 and the link for the light is if used for flower – 2×2. Am I right that 3×3 is a typo?

    1. Depends on your goal. Looking for a nice pheno? 1-3l.
      Everything else depends on your needs.i have 19l pots to harvest alot of material from selected strains and some 9l for feminized seedruns. You can also grow in drinking cups or 100l pots.

      Small pots need to be watered more often usually and larger pots give more flower due to larger planta, but that’s not proportional. My advice: try it out until you find your preference.

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