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DIY Infused Honey – Cannahoney

Infusing some liquid with THC or CBD rich plant material is a whole new consuming experience. While smoking burnt leafs is not for everyone and very much unhealthy, eating ennobled products can help you out.
If you want to bring some products of highness to a place where smoking a cone would be weird this might be for you!

This recipe is inspired by Bronko the master of cannabis infused food from sens cuisine.

The recipe

You need:

  • 500 gr (about 1 lbs.) of honey. I took the one that is a bit darker and more liquid.
  • 1 tbsp of odorless oil.
  • 2 pots or pans of different sizes, so that the smaller one fits in the bigger one
  • 4 hours of time
  • about 5 – 7 gr (~1/4 oz.) of weed. I suggest you use your top shelf! I used Mephisto Genetics Alien vs. Triangle autoflower. You need way more if you use our trim.
  • fine net drainer

How much weed do I need?!?!

I do not know man. I can just say this: My consumation pattern is pretty light. I smoke in 1-3 days a week and two tablespoons of honey on a toast or in a cup of tea will get me going. I would start with less than more and test things out.

What kind of weed do I need?

I took some really sweet and earthy smelling AvT by Mephisto Genetics. The taste is so unique and sweet that it combines very nice with the greek honey I used. I do not know about the potency. Since this is subjective to everyone it is also not needed for that recipe. Just take whatever you like, f.e. Lemon, fruity and sweet profiles work very well. I would for example not use gassy or diesel profiles for honey.

honey and weed
Honey and weed. How much you need is no science. Just test whats good for you.

Step 1: Grinding and decarboxylation

Grind up your grass and put it in the oven for 60 minutes at 110°C (230 F). This is the environment your fresh weed needs in order to change the non-psychoactive THCA to the famous THC we all want in our food. 
The reason why you will not get high if you just eat fresh or dry weed, without exposing it to a good amount of heat, is exactly that. The process of decarboxylation in the oven with a realtive cool temperature preserves most of the terpenes and and will leave the taste intact.

decarbed weed
Decarboxylized Cannabis on aluminium foil.

Step 2: Infusing

Get the larger pan or pot and fill it up with some water. After that you put in the smaller pan or pot fill it with the honey and let the water simmer. The honey will liquify and you can now mix in some oil with it.
This is important: The honey itself will not be infused with THC, or at least not very effective. The oil is very good at doing so.

Try to keep the temperature for infusing the honey below 100 °C (boiling point of water)

water bath the weed
Honey-oil mixture in the hot water bath. Just add some decarboxylized weed and wait!

Now you sit back and just stir your honey-oil mixture with the decaroxyled weed for four to six hours.

stirring the mixture
Stir it, baby!

Step 3: Draining, storage and use

In the last step you just drain the whole weed/oil/honey mixture through a fine mesh to get rif of the weed pieces. You can also leave them in, because the material is still very potent. Do not eat big amounts of it! The material in the net drainage is very much psychoactive THC and your body will have a hard time get rif of it, if you eat it by the gramm. Be careful! If you want a horrorstory about some THC overdose (yes, this is possible) DM me.

I suggest you use the honey container and label it correctly. Do not let people eat any of the honey without proper labeling. It is a very potent mixture. I needed about two toasts with honey to have a proper effect. You can also put in 1-2 table spoons into your tea as a sweetener. Try to get the correct amount for your needs. Take it slow and wait a little before eating great margins of that honey. Oral use of THC takes several times longer to take effect than a bong rip or a dab. It also will stay for a much longer time, so be prepared for a longlasting effect after consumption. 

Have fun!